9 Apr 2012

Geves 2 now available for download

The full version of Geves 2 is now available for downloading here.

The Standard Edition is now available free of charge, with no time or usage limit restrictions.

The Deluxe Edition is now available for just 25.

1 Dec 2010

Geves 2 Beta available for download

The beta test version of Geves 2 is now available for downloading here. Please ensure when using a beta test version of Geves that you backup a copy of your data before using it.

Geves 2 has enhanced charts which can now be modified and a new transcription tab to improve storing source documents such as letters.

Other changes in this version are here

17 Jan 2009

1911 Census

Version 1.3.21 has forms for the 1911 England and Wales census, and allows household transcripts to be downloaded from

There are also the UK incoming passenger list forms, which can be used in conjunction with Ancestry.

Other release notes for this version are here

24 May 2008

Version 1.3.16 includes a new 'Research Tab' which shows you which census and certificates have been researched for a person, and allowing you to add notes as the the research you have tried. There is also a summary list of the research done for all people.

Other release notes for this version are here

28 February 2008

Downloading of Census forms from 'The Genealogist'.

20 February 2008

The latest version, 1.3.1, has Descendants and Ancestors Report and improved page layout options.

11 January 2008

Passenger Lists in

You can now download Passenger Lists directly from, as well as Census forms. Release notes here

20 December 2007

v1.2.14 now available. You can now import and export the contents of a Source Document in a GEDCOM file. Release notes here

21 September 2007

v1.2.2 now available. Release notes here

8 August 2007

v1.1.41 has new Tutorial

27 June 2007

v1.1.39 has Scotland mapping and census forms.

4 May 2007

New Website - the website is now up and running.

April 2007

The new beta test version of Geves is nearing completion and will be available to download shortly